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Microbiome and metabolic syndrome

Microbiome and metabolic syndrome

Our way of life - and therefore also our diet - has changed considerably in recent decades, and sadly for the worse. The "Western diet" with too much meat, sugar and industrially processed foods is the breeding ground for numerous health conditions, which not only have a massive impact on our well-being, but also place an enormous burden on the healthcare system. One of these new common health problems, metabolic syndrome, is closely related to the gut and our microbiome, as studies have already shown.

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Probiotics in metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is on the rise: This combination of different symptoms, such as elevated blood sugar, increased waist circumference or altered blood lipid levels, currently represents the greatest risk of developing diseases in the cardiovascular system. Current studies impressively show that the targeted use of probiotics has a positive influence on various factors of metabolic syndrome.

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Fats and sugar

Fats act as flavour enhancers, sugar provides us with energy. That's why we like to eat a little more of these two. In addition to their useful properties, however, these foods also have a dark side: diabetes or fatty liver are just two of a multitude of diseases that can be caused by indulgence in excess, but also by negative changes in our intestinal bacteria, the microbiome.

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The gut is at the centre of medical and scientific interest - more specifically, trillions of bacteria that colonise it. With increasing research into the microbiome, it is becoming clearer and clearer which central role intestinal bacteria play for our health or for the development - and thus also the treatment - of diseases.

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