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When cleansing the body from within, it is important to support the body in purifying the toxins and neutralising acids. Stimulate your metabolism and break down those metabolic residues, accumulated through little exercise and unhealthy food, which lie under the skin like rubbish dumps.

In order to increase general well-being, neutralising acids in the body can also be good in addition to detoxification. Modern eating habits mean that we often eat too much meat and consume too much sugar and coffee. Additionally, our often hectic lifestyle can result in over-acidic levels in the body.

In addition to detoxification and de-acidification, it is also recommended to supplement your own beneficial intestinal bacteria with active intestinal bacteria.

5 Tips for Gut Cleansing!

Drink a lot

Drinking enough is absolutely necessary so that deposited pollutants are "washed out" in the truest sense of the word! 2.5-3 liters of liquid per day are not only recommended for detoxification, but should become part of your everyday life, preferably in the form of water and unsweetened tea (soft drinks and other drinks rich in sugar are not suitable).

Get moving

Get your metabolism and circulation going – with exercise! You can escape the well-known spring fatigue with regular exercise and at the same time stimulate your body because exercise helps to cleanse our bodies from the inside. The intestines are better supplied with blood and are encouraged to perform at their best to get rid of waste products faster.

Eat more alkaline foods

To de-acidify your body in the long term, you should consider your eating habits and reduce acid-forming foods to around 20%. These include meat and sausage products, convenience products, cheese, wheat and white flour products, and sugar. Alkaline foods should make up most of your diet, with fresh fruit and vegetables, potatoes and colourful herbs on the plate! A feast for the eyes too!

Get enough dietary fiber in your diet

With an alkaline diet, you are doing something good for your intestinal bacteria at the same time, because fruit and vegetables contain numerous valuable dietary fibres, which serve as an important food source for a large number of our friends in the intestine. In addition, dietary fibres ensure that food is transported through the intestines more quickly – so toxins have little chance of being deposited.

Probiotic boost!

To ensure that all metabolic processes in the intestine work smoothly, you should feed your intestines with living microorganisms. These are found, for example, in fermented foods such as yoghurt or sauerkraut, but are also contained in a specially combined form and in much larger numbers in OMNi-BiOTiC® 6.

The key steps for

Cleanse - Neutralise - Active Bacteria

MikroSan – Sanfte Reinigung mit Kräutern!

MikroSan – Detox with herbs!

Our intestines play the role of the engine of our body, and they can only work optimally if they are also free of food residues and waste products. This cleansing process can be supported by extracts from selected plants and herbs. To support and facilitate digestion, MikroSan combines the concentrated plant power of dill, fennel, rose hips, raspberry leaves, ginger, oregano, rosemary leaves, sage leaves and thyme. As a result of an unhealthy diet and too little exercise, leftover food and waste can settle between the villi in the gut. This can lead to fermentation and putrefaction, and the toxins are produced that put a strain on the body. We are left no longer feeling our best and the exposure to harmful substances is reflected, among other things, on the skin and in our mood. MikroSan also contains blueberries, elderflower, olive leaf and grape seed extract - all plants with natural antioxidant properties.

Recommended dose

Drink 30 mL of MikroSan once a day about 30 minutes before a meal - preferably mixed with a little water or fruit juice. The molasses is transformed by the fermentation process, and there is hardly any sugar in the finished solution.

More information about MikroSan

META-CARE® Basic 3 - Basenbildende Mineralsalze

META-CARE® Basic 3 – De-acidification

The acid-base balance is important for both our body and our well-being. However, modern eating habits are increasingly leading to over-acidification (acidosis) of the body. META-CARE® Basic 3 uniquely combines valuable alkaline minerals and the power of proven plant substances (oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, fennel), to support the body in de-acidifying and detoxifying.

So, if meat, coffee or sweets are part of your daily diet, then META-CARE® Basic 3 with the particularly effective mixture of minerals and five herbal extracts is the ideal option for neutralising the acids in your body

Recommended dose

Take 3 capsules at once daily with water, unchewed and after a meal.

More information about META-CARE® BASiC 3

OMNi-BiOTiC® 6 – Build up your gut flora

Within a healthy, functioning gut, trillions of bacteria ensure that vital substances are made usable, and that pollutants and toxins are removed. However, these good bacteria are often destroyed by fast food, stress, and medication. At the end of the cleansing process, active intestinal bacteria should be taken, which colonise our entire digestive organ from top to bottom, ensuring balance is restored.

Therefore, after detoxification and deacidification, supplement your intestinal flora with the six key bacterial strains contained in OMNi-BiOTiC® 6.

Recommended dose

Stir 1 portion of OMNi-BiOTiC® 6 into approx. 125mL water 1-2 times a day, wait at least 1 minute for activation, stir again and then drink. It is recommended to take this product an empty stomach. If you take OMNi-BiOTiC® 6 twice a day, it is recommended to use it before breakfast and before dinner in the evening.

More information about OMNi-BiOTiC® 6

Health begins in the gut

Our guts are the motors that keep our bodies going. 

It not only provides fuel through the digestion of food but also influences many bodily processes from head to toe. If your gut is not working the way it should, it affects the entire body. Lifestyle is a key factor in determining whether the intestines are functioning well. In our modern age with the overconsumption of industrially produced food and a variety of harmful environmental influences, it is not easy to keep the intestines healthy. However, there are effective measures for gut health there for us too!

With a good "gut feeling" through life

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