Springtime cleanses for a healthy gut

As the immune system’s place of residence, the gut must overcome many burdens in our everyday lives. However, if the gut flora becomes imbalanced this can be detrimental to our bodily- and emotional wellbeing. Various therapies can help to restore balance to the body’s metabolism and can so facilitate an energetic and healthy start into the coming spring.

Channelling acids out of the body

Acids from coffee, sugar, or meats are a burden on our metabolism. Especially in winter, we tend to prefer heavier foods, which also generate more acid. Roast pork, opulent deserts and dont forget the considerable amounts of Christmas biscuits, are all a strain on our bodies. To a certain degree the body can resist becoming too acidic, however, in the long run our organs buffering systems reach their limits. Headaches, impure skin, infections or neuralgia may follow.

To restore the acid-base balance one should resort to eating base-forming foods. Fruits that would come into question for example are limes, lemons, cherries, bananas, grapefruits or avocados. Even if these fruits may taste sour, this has nothing to do with the acidifying effect some foods have on the body. The important thing is the pH value of the respective food. Various vegetable types are especially suitable for a deacidifying diet. For example, artichokes, cabbage, broccoli, peas, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes and garlic belong to the alkaline vegetable types. Some types of grain such as spelt or amaranth can have a favourable effect, as well as spices like ginger, chili, caraway, cinnamon and coriander. Some over the counter preparations can also support an alkaline diet. Herb extracts, for example from wild marjoram, help break down acids and other noxious substances. They do this not only via the blood, but also via the airways. After a four-week diet therapy, the detoxification of the connective tissue and the gut is accelerated and the deposition of fat and toxins into tissues is inhibited.

A combination of an alkaline nutrition, stress reduction and relaxing baths supports the restoration of the acid-base equilibrium.

Alkaline baths can also support the bodys deacidification processes. For millennia, people have been exploiting the beneficial effects of hot springs and salt lakes. Relaxing alkaline baths can also work well in ones own tub. Alkaline bath additives could contain for example minerals from sango marine coral, alkaline substances like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or naturally occurring salts like crystal salt. Many products from Institut Allergosan can be combined with one of the aforementioned approaches to create a complete springtime cleansing regimen. These include the well-known OMNi-BiOTiC® 6.

Lose weight without constantly feeling hungry

When despite exercise and a change of diet, those extra kilos just dont seem to want to leave, this could be due to the composition of the gut flora.  Specific bacteria called Firmicutes are more abundant in the gut flora of obese people. They behave as if their host was living in famine and so are programmed to convert all consumed calories into fat deposits in the body. The body runs in energy saving mode and gains weight instead of losing it. Moreover, these bacteria are also to be blamed for the dreaded yo-yo effect.

The first step is to determine the bacterial composition in ones stool. If it shows an excess of Firmicutes, over the counter products from the pharmacy like pro- and prebiotics can help to establish an optimal bacterial equilibrium. Additionally, plant-based preparations can help to boost the bodys metabolism. It is also recommended to cut down on carbohydrates and to exercise regularly. Stress leads to a so called leaky gut, which means toxic substances can enter the body more easily.

Support during antibotic intake

The discovery of antibiotics is regarded as a revolution in the history of medicine. Thanks to them diseases such as pneumonia are no longer a death sentence. However, diseases and their therapy with antibiotics can have an unbalancing effect on the immune system. These medications do not only attack pathological bacteria; they also destroy the good germs which are essential for a healthy immune defence. Often this results in diarrhoea and an increased susceptibility for infections. Especially children and the elderly are often affected by such adverse effects. It is possible to already support the gut during the intake of antibiotics with the help of probiotics. Probiotic preparations contain living microorganisms like lactic acid bacteria, which positively alter the milieu of the gut. If taken twice daily during the intake of antibiotics and then once daily for another one to two weeks after the antibiotic therapy, it is possible to prevent the loss of the important helpers residing within our guts.

Juice fasting as a detox cleanse

Cleanses involving fruit and vegetable juices are well-tried and are now particularly in vogue. For a week, juice fasters will only ingest liquefied food. Thanks to the high concentration of enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and fibre, weight reductions can be achieved without a risk of developing deficiencies. Additionally, the gut profits from such a detoxifying and cleansing measure: Deposited metabolic products and allergens are channelled out of the organ. The juice cleanse leads to an improved function of the gut and its self-cleaning abilities are reactivated; the gut flora can recover. At least 3 litres of liquid per day are recommended, ideally in the form of freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices or soups, teas and water. Especially smoothies made from e.g. celery, cucumber, spinach or kiwis are now especially popular. However, a cleanse lasting for longer than a week is only recommended under the supervision of a doctor.

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