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Feel Good and Stress Free in Autumn

Leaves turning gold and falling from the trees means it’s the time of runny noses, coughs, and sore throats. The mucous membranes also become more susceptible to various aggrievances such as aphthae in the mouth. The “summer slump” is over, which means that the level of stress increases significantly at work. To make sure that body and soul stay in harmony, it’s worth it to give your immune system a real boost.

No chance for germs

An important basis for functioning immune defences is a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. Optimally, it should be comprised of fresh, regional fruit and vegetables, complex carbohydrates like whole-wheat bread, rice or potatoes, high-quality protein sources like fish, lean meat, and milk products as well as little sugar, fat, and preservatives. The healthiest thirst quenchers are water and/or unsweetened tea; best to drink 2 litres of these a day. Rosehip-, hibiscus-, and rooibos tea contain many vitamins as well as secondary plant substances which support the immune system. For all those who like it spicy; ginger tea is the perfect drink as protection against a sore throat and Co.

An important basis for well-functioning immune defences is a balanced and nutrient-rich diet.

Especially important: To ensure that diarrhoea and nausea dont have a chance, the gut flora must support our immune system. A sufficient number of useful bacteria is necessary for harmony in the belly. The daily intake of preparations with super heroes from the world of microorganisms ensures the gut flora is enriched with them. This makes sure that pathogens cannot cause any damage. This way, even the next stomach flu wave wont be able to harm you!

Problem case: mucous membranes

One has just overcome the burdens of summer  hopefully without a sunburn  and a new discomfort, typical for autumn, begins arising: aphthae in the mouth, tongue, or throat. Aphthae are small, painful vesicles which are often associated with colds, stress, or even food intolerances. People who are prone to getting aphthae have problems with them again and again. These vesicles are harmless but can be very bothersome while talking, eating, or swallowing. This is because they are painful to touch and acidic foods can be especially bad. The occurrence of aphthae is associated with weakened immune defences, stress, but also constant irritation due to braces or dental prostheses. After a while, aphthae normally heal by themselves. Careful rinsing with cool camomile- or sage tea can additionally relieve the pain. Furthermore, vitamin B, C, as well as zinc, can support the healing process. In more serious cases, special preparations from the pharmacy with e.g. aloe vera and manuka honey can be helpful. These reduce the pain in a matter of minutes.

Don’t forget about exercise!

The time for bikinis and swimming trunks may be over for now but that doesn’t mean that the sports shoes should be put away until spring! Exercising, especially in the fresh air, strengthens the immune system, dispels bad moods thanks to the liberation of happiness hormones, and is the perfect compensation for sitting in the office all day. Grab a motivated friend or a colleague willing to join you and set some fixed training days. Together it is much easier to overcome laziness and do some exercise. Training regimes based on using only your own body weight are in trend right now. The advantage being that one can easily do the exercises outside and there’s no need for any equipment. The different exercises are done in a circular fashion; making time for short breaks in-between. These exercises should be chosen so that various muscle groups are actively used. An example: five exercises, each 30 seconds long; 20 to 40 second breaks between these; this should be done 3 times. A circuit can be comprised of squats, rope skipping, push-ups, abdominal presses, and lunges. It is highly recommended to get professional support when starting exercise to ensure you are doing the exercises properly. When combined with light endurance training, such circuit trainings can help build up more muscle strength and general fitness.

Reduce stress

A healthy diet and sufficient exercise can ensure for an improved immune defence with fewer infections of the mucous membranes, the airways, and the digestive tract. But what can we do to additionally reduce stress and which strategies help to keep a cool head in tense situations. The handling of stress is oftentimes just a matter of attitude. Try to not let daily problems like a grouchy boss, a long queue at the supermarket till, or energy sapping acquaintances get to you and downgrade them. Free yourself of friends who, on an emotional level, take more than they give. Targeted relaxation, e.g. in the form of autogenic training, yoga, or maybe even just doing nothing can be compensation for demanding times at work and in other areas of life. There are also various possibilities to relax every now and then. Look for a quiet place at the office  even if its just the toilet  close your eyes and slowly breath in and out deeply ten times. Even just a longer gaze out of the window to look at the colourful autumn scenery can work wonders.

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