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Enjoy a carefree summer

You basically „only“ need time in order to enjoy the warmest of the four seasons to the full. Time to mentally unwind, time for your family, time to finish your procrastinated projects, time for your favourite hobbies or even just time to enjoy the other joys of life. When constructing all the summer plans, one quickly realises how precious and scarce time can be. Another equally precious commodity is health. Find out how to avoid time-consuming activities such as bothersome travel discomforts and what role your intestinal health plays.

Let us quickly take a look back at the year 2017: That summer was the third warmest since we started regularly measuring back in 1767. Recent calculations by some European climate services expect an equally hot holiday season this year.

The most important thing our body needs during these high temperatures is a cooldown. We automatically do this by sweating, an effective mechanism to expel excess heat and regulate our core body temperature. Whoever sweats (a lot) should also drink a lot, or otherwise risk dehydration (not to be confused with dehydrogenation). Try some variations by adding fresh fruits, veggies and herbs to your water! A lack of liquids in your body can lead to dry skin and mucosa in mild cases and serious symptoms such as poor circulation, unconsciousness and even a coma in severe cases. Even the intestines suffer from a lack of blood flow, which has a negative impact on the absorption of nutrients as well as digestion and leads to gastric and intestinal complaints. Athletes know this problem all too well, which is why they use probiotics to cope with the intense physical strain.

Vorbeugen und lästige Reisebeschwerden vermeiden

Hop into the cool water!

An active refreshment such as jumping into cold water – whether in the pool or ocean – is a whole lot more fun. The bathing fun, however, can have some consequences. Bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms can be found on towels, loungers and in the pool. Since your skin swells after being in the water for a long time, the risk of an infection with pathogenic germs increases even in chlorinated water. The vagina especially is often the entrance gate for these unwanted „inhabitants“. If symptoms such as a burning or stinging sensation while urinating, an increased urge to urinate or a pulling pain in the lower abdomen occur, a urinary tract infection is likely. An unpleasant fishy smelling grey-white discharge, as well as a wet or burning sensation around the genitals, may be signs of a bacterial vaginosis. A urine test strip or vaginal swab provided by your doctor can quickly yield some answers. The delicate balance of the vaginal flora can be easily disturbed. One of the reasons is the elimination of the protective lactic acid bacteria that are naturally found in a healthy female genital area through pool germs. Studies show that the intake of special probiotics not only strengthen the vaginal flora but also restore the balance.

Precaution tips: Drink a lot so that the germs can’t even settle down in the urethra, wear bathing shoes and quickly change wet swimwear.

It is especially important in summer to keep your body’s – and therefore also your intestines – water balance consistent.

Take care of your skin

Don’t only take care of the internal mucosa in summer but also of your skin and hair. A good way to prevent sun damage and lower the risk of skin cancer is to use a sun cream that is suited to your skin type and sun intensity, a special lip balm, headgear and sunglasses. UV-rays also have cosmetic consequences: If exposed for too long, the skin becomes wrinkled, dry and rough, and the hair brittle and fragile. Besides special care products, you can strengthen your skin and hair from the inside: A group of vital substances, such as zinc and biotin, help maintain healthy hair and skin. Bioactive collagen peptides cushion the skin from the inside out, smoothen wrinkles and give the skin more elasticity.

Not only healthy skin but also physical fitness is important for your individual „bikini body“. Find out how to integrate training into your day to day life and become fitter with easy exercises by visiting the new blog diedarmdiaet.com.

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